Social Meetings

Develop positive Team dynamics - also remotely!

One of the biggest issues of Remote Work is social isolation - how to build interpersonal relationships and closeness at distance? How can you really live a corporate culture remotely?

It feels weird at first...


For teams who are not used to it, it may feel strange and unnatural to maintain social interactions over digital channels. As in a long-distance relationship, open, personal communication and good planning are essential. This has to be lived and ensured first and foremost by the manager - successful remote working does not happen by itself. The following two formats support this:

  • Remote Retros
    As a manager, introduce retros where you talk explicitly about teamwork and personal well-being. This creates a protected space in order to say the unsaid once - trust is the basis for this.
  • Coffee & Lunch Check-in
    Create opportunities for small talk and relaxed exchange. For example, by making a fixed appointment to meet in the team in a relaxed atmosphere via video chat with a coffee or lunch. Here it might be advisable to introduce this slowly in smaller groups by forming 2 remote lunch groups - this can be randomly assigned by a coffee/lunch lotto.
  • Remote Happy Hour & House touring
    Try out a "Happy Hour" for a more relaxed, informal and personal exchange - a joint evening end of the working day relaxed on the couch via video conference. This could be combined with alternating employees giving a short tour of their homes.


To make remote socializing as natural as possible, it is important to use the right tools that the most diverse users can handle easily and naturally. Test in small groups with different user types before the larger roll-out.


Also Remote Work needs to be managed

The switch to remote work is seen as a transformation of the organization: similar to classic change management, explicit structures and clear responsibilities must be created for this.

  • Remote Workforce Team
    Assign a dedicated Remote Workforce Team to drive initiatives to teams and executives, and bring all initiatives together. This team can also serve as a mediator, for example to moderate a remote retro with a neutral view.
  • Iteration
    Do not stop after the initial setup. How the remote team can really be lived out depends strongly on the existing corporate and team culture. Therefore, the progress and success of the initiatives must be closely monitored and adjusted to make remote work a success.


Ensure that it is clear what you want to achieve with Remote Socializing by using explicit KPIs. This also ensures the right focus and prioritization of social events.


How we support


Accompanying remote Teams
As external coaches and mediators, we help teams to set up remotely so that they can work with maximum efficiency - without neglecting the organizational culture.

Vorbereitung & Moderation

Support for managers
Remote work presents new - interpersonal - challenges, especially for managers. We coach managers and help them to develop their own unique remote management style.

Sustainable development of a remote organization
In order to really live remote work, the whole organization - processes, structures, internal communication strategies up to the management of employees - must be aligned with this. We help to develop and implement a global concept. We ensure that success and progress are made tangible and measurable.


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