Remote Work

in times of Corona

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The current situation challenges us to switch into "remote" mode. We would like to support your and our teams in this process and have therefore set up the "Remote-Work-in-times-of-Corona" program. In the first step we offer support for meetings that were previously conducted physically.

How can these be conducted (almost) as well digitally?
As difficult as the current situation is, it also offers opportunities to try and learn new ways of working and collaboration. New Work in Times of Corona.

Remote Meetings

Here you will find all  information on how to conduct creative meetings (e.g. Design Thinking Session), decision meetings or social meetings (e.g. team lunch) remotely.

What do you need?

We are currently collecting the demands of all interested teams. If you fill out the questionnaire, you will receive updates for the topics you need.

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Contact person

Phillip Brandts

Phillip Brandts

Partner & Project Management

Jo Graff

Jo Graff

Project Management

Jana Schremser

Jana Schremser

Customer needs

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