Creative Meetings

Creative together - although spatially distant

Creativity workshops thrive on team collaboration. Building on the ideas of others, getting direct reactions, starting together with an energizer.

How is that possible without working together in one place?
Remote workshops can be just as successful as on-site meetings - but there are some stumbling blocks to be considered.


Preparation is everything!

As in on-site sessions, the person in charge has to clarify the framework of the workshop in detail.

  • This involves basic questions such as "Who are the participants, what is the aim of the session, how much previous experience do the participants have, e.g. in the case of an ideation in Design Thinking mode?"
  • In addition, for remote sessions it must also be clarified which technical conditions are present, e.g: "Does each of the participants have their own laptop? Which programs may be used?"

→ The participants need a detailed briefing from you - on communication rules, tools, set-up for inputs and team sessions, the process and necessary materials.



The camera on the laptop is mandatory - dialing in by phone is nonsense. In a creativity session the participants must be able to see each other and work together. Check the technology including your internet connection in a dry run, two or three days before the workshop starts. That way you can correct errors in case of doubt.


Special features in the implementation

During a remote session, the moderator must be even better organized than on site.

  • He or she has to guide strictly through the agenda and make clear announcements when the participants ask for the floor at the same time.
  • If necessary, he or she should call someone in support, who can help with writing post-its, for example.

→ Overall, the duration of the workshop should be shortened. Split your workshop into two rounds of four hours each rather than eight hours of remote interaction. Even with the most modern technology you should not exhaust a full day, rather give homework for the time between the workshops.



There are numerous collaboration tools that allow you to place digital post-its on team whiteboards, make connections, and discuss at different locations.


How do we support


Together with you we will find the best setup to make your creativity workshops a success even remotely.

Vorbereitung & Moderation

Preparation & Moderation
Would you like support with your first remote session? We will gladly take over the moderation - or assist you with the preparation.

Train the Trainers
We make trainers and moderators fit for changing circumstances and successful remote sessions.


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